Meriel Marina Bay

Elkus Manfredi Architects


Sophisticated Mixed-use Living on the Marina 

Set on a historic marina with views to the Boston skyline, Meriel Marina Bay creates a residential community with a sophisticated harborside lifestyle that appeals to a wide range of tenants including millennials, empty nesters, and baby boomers. The project consists of two newly constructed buildings connected to an outside terrace and pool as well as a newly designed portion of boardwalk along the marina that completes an existing partial walkway. The two buildings' 352 residential apartments are designed for differing tastes and preferences with a rich range of amenities, from yoga studio and fitness center to outdoor pool and courtyards. Restaurants at the ground floor provide residents with dining options on the water. 

The interior design team was responsible for all the common areas in both buildings, including lobbies, club rooms, lounge areas, cyber cafés, conference rooms, yoga studio and fitness center, kitchen and café, leasing center, and public corridors. Designers created a refined, natural feeling with warm wood accents and other earthy elements throughout, recalling the ocean and its light with sophisticated warmth and spaciousness.

Meriel North's large second-level, 15-foot-tall amenity space achieves an inviting human-scale feel with warmth and intimacy created by forming smaller room-within-room seating areas using lighting, patterns, and textures on wall coverings, carpets, and upholstery. The room's dramatic focal point, its floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, also helps break the imposing scale down using dark wood with an open grid of shelves for accent pieces.

The ocean is reflected throughout the first-level lounge, where the floor-to-ceiling fireplace is set within an oversized wall of green onyx from Turkey, with a pattern and palette evoking sea foam that brings a sense of serenity to the space. Another ocean-inspired design feature, the lobby's communal tech table, is constructed of recycled driftwood from the Venetian canals that calls to mind faraway shores while providing a place to gather and literally recharge. Textured bark wall covering mixes with walls painted in ombré blues, while strong sightlines up the inviting, broad central staircase connect the two amenity levels.

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