Mister C.

Studio Munge


Beating life and lust into Toronto’s entertainment district, Mister C. is the premium destination for inspired nightlife. Aligned with the client’s brief, the lounge opened in September 2017 to host the city’s most lavish cocktail experiences with a sultry yet sophisticated deviance. The 2,000 sq. ft. lounge treats cosmopolitan urbanites to a sensual journey through elegant depths of lush materiality. Where the inhibitions of the day are released, and the moment of departure takes over, Mister C. signifies the leap into adventures yet to be told. 

Guests embark into Mister C. from the lobby of an opulent new hotel, stepping through a curtain of lustrous black velvet they are thrusted into Toronto’s ultimate cocktail soiree. Wall panels in textured carbon black upholstery are framed by juniper wood molding and extend from the floor to the ceiling, finally revealing a tiered ceiling cove. The onice verde onyx bar extends across the space, seducing mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts alike to release their inhibitions and indulge in libation. The pine coloured leather bar front catches the ever-curious eye as brilliant gold inlays form geometric shapes reminiscent of cracking stone. In perfect contrast, dazzling bar shelves reminiscent of gold birdcages are embedded into the wall behind arousing a sense of arrival for all who enter. Alternating high top tables in custom smoked black glass and round jade marble surround the bar. As platforms of carefree merriment, you are whoever you want to be inside the den of impulse and exploration. 

Immortalizing the contemporary artist of this generation, Mister C. features six original Damien Hirst for Alexander McQueen scarves. The intricate creatures, crystalized skulls and mysterious insects multiple across the soft silken fabric nodding to the connection of design, art and creativity. 
Mister C.’s gold circular fireplace pierces through a striking verde antico marble wall drawing the gaze deep into the darkness of the lounge. 

Offering a solace of comfort, the intimate lounge seating between the bartender and orbit of fire is low in varying shades of emerald velvets and reptilian patterns. Within the dimly lit pockets of custom sofas are hidden moments sworn to secrecy; a whispered intention sparking heightened anticipation for the evening’s celebrations on the verge of release. 

Marking an evolution of modern of hospitality, Mister C. in all its exclusivity, is a detour into lustful passion livened by subversive finishes. 


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