Models in Model

Wutopia Lab


Project Architect: Wutian SUN
Design Team: Haixu ZHANG, Ben ZHANG

This project is the first museum for architectural model in China. The chief designer decided to make this museum a mega-model of future city and all included models become a part of the city merging their prophecies into one, which, in the perspective of the architect, is the Last Redoubt of the future city.

Construction of Invisible Structures
A total of 5,653 steel pipes were used to build the vertical city of Last Redoubt. I made structural and decorative pillars uniform in size and visual impression, to deliberately weaken the existence of the structures. These continuing steel pipes together form a rhythm and compose interfaces that partition different areas in the vertical city.

3 Main Zones
The inner city of the Last Redoubt, i.e. the museum's main exhibition area, is divided into three main sections, including Tijuana (from the movie Cowboy Bebop), Ironia (The name is derived from the City of Iron in the movie Alita: Battle Angel. And I shorted and transformed "City of Iron" to be "Ironia") and Pod bay (2001: A Space Odyssey). Tijuana and Ironia differ in spatial arrangement based on the original plane size, while Pod bay is like a plaza in the city, which is also the intersection of Tijuana and Ironia. 1 Pantheon There is a circular space in the southwest corner of the original plane. We decided to use it for VR show, rest or communication. It is the only socializing space in the museum, like the city's Pantheon.

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