Daniel Boddam


Daniel Boddam designs the spaces we inhabit. Handcrafted, functional, modern furniture, Monument is a tribute to considered simplicity, pure form geometry and the permanence of natural materials. Inspired by his experience of monumental architecture while travelling through Europe and the Americas, Daniel Boddam’s Monument collection explores architecture of the ancient world through the lens of modern design.


The M-table was initially inspired by the Temple of Kukulkan in Yucatán, Mexico, it’s architectural elements infused into the table’s design. The American Oak, wedge-shaped base radiates in four directions, echoing the pyramidal form while the slender metallic mid-section lifts the floating round top to express the duality of earth and sky. Each part – base, support and top – is distinct in form and material. This collection aims to curate a design that positively connects us and brings a sense of harmonious wellbeing. The M -Table is designed to give each person equal attention and the ability to face one another, encouraging social interaction. The ergonomics aims to bring us closer together in the ritual around food.

Le Corbusier’s modular man and the golden section, have defined art and architecture from early Egyptian times; these proportions are embodied in the M–Coffee Table. The table is a study in scale and sculptural form. Every angle is different; steps are carved into one corner, and a recessed ‘room’ is created in another for books and objects. A glass covered void carved into the table’s surface brings a play of light and shadow. 
We shape furniture and in turn furniture can help shape our lives. We spend a great deal of time directly connected to furniture and so some time was spent on the production of good ergonomic design. Allowing for a personal touch, each piece can be customised in a range of different palettes, materials and finishes. A highly versatile collection, Monument is designed to add a contemporary and balanced feel to any space. 
It was important that the collection was as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible. It was important to source a luxurious product that was ethically produced. All finishes are 100% locally completed. Components are made both locally and internationally. All timbers are eco-certified. Logistically combining and delivering Monument has not been without its challenges, however the final quality achieved has made this process worthwhile.

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