Neon Pigeon

EDG Interior Architecture + Design


Inspired by a mash-up of New York meets London meets Tokyo, Neon Pigeon is a modern edgy Izakaya in the heart of Singapore. This project evokes images of late night parties, street art, and a pulsating social energy. The design team worked to harness the buzz and energy of the people to capture Neon Pigeon's gritty urban aesthetic, which is supported by an experimental take on Izakaya culture and made complete by creative cuisine and beverages.

The design challenge was to capture the essence, rather than the look, of the modern Izakaya and combine it with this underground urban vibe. The ultimate goal was to create a recognizable brand for the restaurant and drive to overall design, while creating an energetic urban atmosphere in a relatively small space.

A mix of booths and tables were kept small and close, while a Japanese-style standing bar provides the place to see and be seen. Custom signage provides a playful touch against industrial surfaces, while massive vibrant murals illuminate key vistas. A small corner kitchen enlivens the dining space, which is loosely defined by an I-Beam table. Thoughtful yet minimalistic details provide the right balance of craft in this club-like environment.

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