Niehku Mountain Villa

Stylt Trampoli


27 March, 2018 marked the opening of the newly built Niehku Mountain Villa on Riksgränsen, a unique hotel venture in Swedish Lapland. Combining heli-skiing and nature experiences all year round with world class accommodation, the venue is aiming to secure a leading position in global adventure tourism.

The hotel - whose name, Niehku, means "dream" in Northern Sami - lies just 50 metres from the Norwegian border and was constructed on the site of the old Malmbanan (the Iron Ore Line) roundhouse. Listed as a site of historical heritage, the ruins cut right through the new building to provide a spectacular reminder of the region's rich history. In addition, one of the over 100-year-old grease pits located beside the wall has been converted into a wine cellar. History breathes new life into the venue, forming part of the hotel's own story. 

Based at Niehku Mountain Villa, visitors can access around 60 skiable peaks by helicopter dotted between Riksgränsen, Abisko and the Kebnekaise massif. The ski season here stretches all the way to Midsummer, when you can even ski under the midnight sun. And when the season ends you can enjoy hiking, cycling, climbing, hunting, fishing and other great adventures in this stunning mountainous landscape, with Lofoten and the northern Atlantic coast in close proximity. 

Niehku Mountain Villa is home to 14 cosy double rooms as well as a restaurant, bar, lounge and spa - an uncompromising building with a personal, relaxed, family-orientated ambience.

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