LW Design


The brief was to completely refurbish the existing bar into a relaxing, timeless design depicting the coastal areas of New England. A place to escape and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. We were tasked with creating a bar that formed a central feature whilst still maintaining its all-important function. The client wanted a cohesive space blending the inside and out while maximising seating and views across the iconic Dubai Creek.

The main challenge of the refurbishment was designing and re-working the indoor bar to create an identity and atmosphere given the restriction of limited space. The other main challenge was sourcing finishes and details which had a more worn and rustic look and feel within the short time frame we were given.

White timber shutters and slatted ceilings create a Cape Cod inspired ambience which flow from the inside to out. Nautical inspired pendant lights anchor the bar with the help of suspended hanging shelves which provide a place to display a series of accessories inspired by long days spent by the sea. White sheer drapery, accent furniture pieces and eclectic accent cushions add a homely feel and a sense of travel.


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