One Taikoo Place

Gustafson Porter + Bowman


Wong & Ouyang (Lead Designer for Exterior)
Choi Comer (Delivery Architect)
Spires and major (Lighting Designer)
Arup (Structure)

The design for the highly refined interior space creates a tactile environment that seeks to match the level of engagement people will enjoy in the lush gardens outside. Both lobbies are characterised by large interior walls made from light-gold stainless-steel fins. These refract light through a satin finish and a mirror-polished edge to form a rising and setting sun. The fins are set against a textured backdrop of honed grey wave limestone laid with a horizontal grain. This three-dimensional vertical emphasis gives the impression of a veil that lightens the scale of the building and its large lift core. The fin motif is also used within vertical elements to form a ribbon of balustrades between the first and ground floors. This is used at changing centres to suggest an upwards movement through the building.

A large white stainless-steel suspended ceiling extends over the ground and first floor lobbies. Placed against a light gold metal panel, its satin finish recalls the appearance of clouds against a sky. Artificial lighting mediates the transition between the bright external spaces and the warmer lobby interiors. A double-height curtain wall wraps around two faces of the building, bringing abundant natural light into the ground and first floor lobbies. Unbroken and 12 metres high, it is the tallest continuous glass wall in Asia.


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