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Palmspace is a custom built collaborative workspace designed to accommodate a range of creative workers, from writers and artists to all types of makers and designers, in an environment that encourages imagination, collaboration and wellbeing.

Located at Hackney Downs Studios, the development is set on the historic site of Colibri Press Print Works in Hackney London.
With the aim to create a space that would accommodate those producing work in a physical or tangible medium, our in-house design team created a versatile, hard-wearing and adaptable model with plenty of storage for materials and even a nook for office dogs.

Internal transformation of the building has seamlessly blended the outside and inside with large floor-to-ceiling glazed units opening up to an expansive natural garden overlooked by majestic trees.

Internal renovation has been designed in harmony with the garden. Thriving plants and a material board of rope, wood, wired glass and stone ensure a truly botanical internal space. 
The original floor has been preserved and polished leaving the remnants of paint and bare concrete patches. This, along with the exposed beams serves as a reminder that the space is set in an existing industrial environment.
Raw elements have been complemented with bespoke feature lighting and handcrafted furniture made from reclaimed parquet flooring taken from derelict school buildings in and around London. 
Ceiling mouted 'skylights', bring a sense of natural light right through to the back of the space which, peppered with overflowing planters and decadent palm print wallpaper, offers a tranquil breakout area for residents.

Designed to connect with the outside world at work, the garden serves as a recreational area where coworkers can chat with their colleagues or simply enjoy the serenity and connection with the nature.

Palmspace is operated by Eat Work Art network, a creative studio spaces provider, which transforms building across London.

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