PCK Control Room Schwedt

Lichtvision Design


Control room of oil refinery PCK, Schwedt, Germany

The oil refinery "PCK" northeast of Berlin has rebuilt and modernized their control room of about 1000 m² size. The building is a windowless bunker - flame and explosion proof. 6 Teams work there in 3 shifts around the clock. The control room only contains transparent glass walls. The whole space is visible from any observer position. To enhance this impression a line of wallwashers was mounted along the outer walls.

Each of the 26 working places in front of the monitor walls is lit by 2 suspended light fittings. They are positioned between two working places. The direct flux for a work desk comes from 2 fittings left and right. At each working place the staff can dim the direct component individually. The indirect component is controlled team wise. Therefore the suspended luminaire exists of 3 DALI dimming groups: direct left, direct right and indirect. All luminaires are equipped with DALI-drivers connected to a KNX-backbone. The color temperature for the direct component is 3000°K, the indirect 4000°K.

The client made some expenses to avoid a bunker like atmosphere. Two elements were established: Digital windows and a virtual sky.
On the outer walls additional big screens were installed to show the stream of related webcams, which are mounted on the roof of the building pointing in the same direction the staff would look.

The peanut shape of the central meeting area is completely covered by a 110 m² luminous ceiling. This ceiling is equipped with RGB-LED-panels with a pixel pitch of 6.25 cm. With this pitch it is possible to create dynamic changing weather conditions over the day. Passing clouds, blue sky, sunset and dawn can be created. Based on scientific research color temperature ranges for the different times of the day were specified and the real time rendered weather phenomena were calibrated accordingly. 

Other more emotional stimulating events are randomly added with the overlay function of the video server: Gadgets like the contrail of a passing airplane, birds, a passing hot-air balloon or for events the rotating company logo, for birthday wishes a bunch of ascending balloons or even a jumping Santa Claus at Xmas time.

This kind of lighting creates a pleasant working environment.


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