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Ponti Wine Cellar's name comes directly from famed Italian architect-designer Gio Ponti. Designing the store both as a flagship and as a prototype, our studio devised a set of "codes" that are influenced by Ponti's work and our interpretation of a contemporary wine retail experience.

The storefront is a study in Pontian compositions, using black steel in triangles and parallelograms, perforated to reveal bright bronze from behind. A pair of display cabinets in bright bronze with integral lighting announce the entrance. Bespoke door handles inspired by wine bottles gives a first, tactile and crafted impression of the brand.

With a palette of black-grey-gold, the interior is direct and warm. Well detailed, highly crafted wine cabinets are placed like furniture pieces; their angled configuration offers wine shoppers clear view of wines grouped in regions. These bookcase-like cabinets are then set against a slightly distressed, worn background of painted walls that are rhythmically broken-in. A trowelled concrete floor with marble insets depicting a world map (and resembles grape vines) completes the overall ambience of the store.

At the counter, a custom artwork is created using precision CNC milling technique over scratch-resistant, high gloss lacquer "LUXE" panels from Spain. The original artwork was abstracted into lines and dots of 4, 6, and 8mm, giving the final artwork an unusual sense of depth.

To complete the rebranding exercise, our studio also redesigned the font-type and logo, as well as generated graphic and packaging design, giving wine-shopping at Ponti a completely refreshing experience.


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