When birds preen, they engage in deep bonding and grooming that conditions them for flight. This is what we do. Preen turned 15 this year. We mentor young architects work with passion and urgency because we believe in what the firm is accomplishing, creating spaces that up level energy for the world.
Our work has been consistently powerful and individual from project to project. It is wildly imaginative. It defies signature, for it is not about us. It is an illustration of the people that move us. It’s magic, turning words into space and experience. Changing lives.
 We are from the heart of the food world in Los Angeles. We come from the earth. We believe in nature and in wisdom, and we want that for the world. It is our greatest desire to grow our firm, so that we can get to the second part of our work, which is to develop and design projects that are beyond the curve, projects that we conceive and which the world needs. We are currently in development on Autera, a project created for the dying. It is part of a consciousness shift, moving to heal our cultural anxiety around death. 
Our work is created to let other’s art and experience shine and to let nature and human nature be understood as one. want people to evolve. We believe that consciousness is the universe looking at its own beauty. Our work is that mirror.

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