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In 2017, acknowledging the increasing national and international interest in the practice, Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors (RMA) embarked upon a rebranding and digital communications program. Motivated by a desire to completely re-invent the notion of what an architectural practice brand could be, the brief specified immersing the audience and potential clients in a sensorial introduction to the RMA design principles: from site selection to the creation of homes using beautiful raw materials. Architecture which masters the use of natural light, ventilation, and the creation of a better quality of life for the occupants.

Architects rely on and invest in the finest photographic documentation of their projects. To differentiate the new RMA brand, a decision was reached to commission a film. The film is a centrepiece, providing a constantly changing supply of motion content which permeates and embellishes each communication through every digital channel. Concurrently, existing project photography was revisited and projects were re-shot for the new communications which were envisioned. 

Fundamentally, RMA develops an advanced understanding of how its clients want to live in the architecture and interiors which will be created for them. It was therefore of utmost importance that the practice's brand include experiential sections in the website, immersing the client and viewers in an evocative experience of land and inspirational, interactive content. 

The architecture and interiors are categorised according to client's interests, not just an anonymous list of projects and locations. In the interiors, simple sections for Interiors, Decoration and Exteriors serve as quick entry points. From the projects, content links to Instagram, deftly used to support the practice's main digital channel of the multi-platform website where an e-Mag is also available. 

The new RMA logo is the essence of brand, a warm and inviting communication with rigorously contemporary typography cascading across a rich grey background. The new logo is light years away from the austerity and Cartesian approach taken by most architectural practices. It takes pride of place in the signature of digital communications and across the practice's business stationery and signage. 

The new brand was implemented in 2017 has had a remarkable effect, increasing visitation to all of RMA's platforms and continuing to develop the RMA reputation for excellence in architecture and interiors internationally. The powerful, emotional & immersive content provides a certain liberty for the practice Directors to concentrate on the development of & interaction with the client base. 

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