Seventy Seventy

LW Design


The brief was to transform an under-utilized mezzanine level into a stand-alone 70's inspired bar lounge which draws inspirations from the music, fashion & iconic style of the 70's era. A nostalgic place to enjoy creative cocktails while listening to some classic tunes on a vintage record player. The task was to create a space that transports you to an earlier time and offers a truly authentic experience. 

The main challenge of the space was to extend the mezzanine level to accommodate the new design while not compromising the structural integrity of the existing slab. Due to obvious restrictions of using real or bio-fuel fireplaces in an existing building, A photo-realistic fireplace which uses mist & light to create an optical illusion complete with flickering and crackling sound effects had to be sourced. 

An intimate bar lounge clad in oak timber panels with soft curves highlighted with discreet low-level lighting. Danish design classics are clustered in small groups on the black slate floor, layered with wool & sisal rugs. Recessed shelving displays a collection of old transistor radios, vintage vinyls & gramophone players. A stand up bar sits discreetly in the corner to further emphasize a relaxed residential atmosphere. A snug space to enjoy a sunset drink or nightcap.

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