Shilling Brewing Co.

Jestico + Whiles


Located in the listed, former Commercial Bank of Scotland, Shilling Brewing Co. is a 150-seat brewpub in Glasgow. The new offering invites visitors to experience where the art and science of brewing meet. Our design strips the building back to its original art deco interiors, overlaying contemporary features that resonate with its rich history. 

The beautifully proportioned 1920s banking hall has been revealed to house the beer hall. Copper vessels sit elevated behind a marble bar, and hops-patterned fabric lines banquettes. A star embossed into the concrete flooring signs towards the bar, and a mural of a unicorn - a Scottish heraldic symbol, has been painted by a local artist. In the basement, foot-thick vault doors lead to a beer tasting space, with a picture window looking through to the cellar. 

The practice was also responsible for the graphics and visual identity of the bar, which takes inspiration from the building's architectural style, and references traditional 'guilloche' patterns printed on banknotes. 

Shilling Brewing Co.'s name is inspired by the currency once held at the bank, as well as Scotland's historic shilling system for describing the strength of different ales. It reflects the microbrewery's specialism in craft beer, offering a range produced on site, in addition to pizza cooked using dough raised with the brewer's yeast. 

Brew Type, a purpose-made typeface is inspired by art deco fonts and the shape of the brewery's copper pipes. It was used to design the logo, signage, crockery and upholstery. Details are occasionally foil blocked in copper as a nod to the pipes. An ever-changing menu board is accommodated for using individual magnetised letters, giving a playful look to the bar offering.

The main external signage, featuring the illuminated bespoke typeface, outlines the art deco features of the structure. Internal signage uses the typeface in an understated way to reinforce the ambiance of the venue. 

A starry background referencing Scottish scenery and echoing traditional pub chalkboards is used for menus, beer taps, beermats and pizza boxes. Some beer names, such as Black Teleporter, are inspired by the night-sky theme of the visual identity. Others, like Unicorn IPA, are linked to the artworks curated by the practice for the brewery.

Our aim was to create a coherent yet subtle story for the interiors and branding. The resulting scheme accommodates local influences: the history of brewing in Glasgow, the bank's classical language, and the overall Glaswegian context.

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