Sintoho at Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait



Occupying half of the top floor of the newly built Four Seasons Kuwait in the Burj Alshaya building, Sintoho is a 550 sq.m innovative Asian restaurant that elevates the street foods of the cities of Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong into a fine dining destination and experience. 

Intrigued by the concept and the location in a city with no established tradition of Asian fine dining Kokaistudios set about creating a temple to Asian cuisine and craftsmanship that eschewed kitschy and thematic styles and aimed for the creation of an essential and refreshing space in which the dining experience is influenced both by the architecture of the space and the food offering.

The entrance area of the restaurant features a long corridor flanked on one side by an expansive green wall filled primarily with local desert plant varietals and on the other by a series of custom designed water towers which combine to create a cooling and soothing experience. 

To the right of the entrance corridor sits the main open dining area on the right that features 12 meter high ceilings that offers expansive views of the city and the Persian Gulf beyond. The front dining area features a series of bespoke furniture for which Kokaistudios cooperated with Kyoto based artisans and the area is hemmed by an extensive shousugi ban burnt wood sushi counter inlaid with hand hammered brass. 

The rest of the public area seating is centered largely around the individual open live cooking stations where guests can experience up-close the preparation of robatta, teppanyaki, and dim sum and other delicacies from Hong Kong which have been clad by hand-hammered metal hoods and Chinese inspired sculpted stone bases. 

The private dining rooms are an ode to Chinese embroidery craftsmanship with bespoke chairs and walls featuring hand-printed linen fabric albeit with a wink to Kokaistudios principal designer Filippo Gabbiani's home town of Venice via the use of the Fortuny silk pendant lamps and red Murano glass inlays.

The design of this project is a new step in Kokaistudios method of combining a strong architectural approach to the design of interiors with an original use of materials and light to create unexpected subtle emphatic feeling between the space and the people; handcrafted materials shaped and controlled up to the finest detail interact and interplay with the both the day and night light and reveal an incredibly expressive power.

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