St Hugo



The brief was to create the ultimate high-end wine experience in the Barossa valley. A holistic approach from the architecture, and the interiors through to the wine experiences including private and structured tastings, food-wine matching, wine education and gastronomy.

The outcome is a totally new experience in the South Australian wine industry. The outdoor courtyard is host to 200 year-old stone walls, and long tables made of reclaimed ironbark, that over time will become overgrown by vines. From the courtyard the users move into the cellar antispace that houses a mobile tasting bar for events. 

The cellar is also host to the most unique space on the site, 'the bottle room', where arguably the largest studio-gram designed solid timber table sits, amongst some exquisitely detailed joinery that house St Hugo's private collection.

Upstairs is host to the tasting room and the dining room, with altogether differing experiences. The dining room has a refined joinery palette of brass, blackbutt timber and marble. The materials are striped of any ornamentation, and used to enhance the mood that is set by the black cathedral ceiling, the original stone walls, and the dimly lit space. The tasting room is flooded with natural light, where the same material palette is read in an altogether different manner. Users are drawn to the panoramic views of the local landscape, and their senses are driven by the smells and taste of wine.

St Hugo's product is highly detailed, genuine and inspiring. This observation acted as a brief for both the selection of materials and how they were detailed. The materials are pushed to their limits to create bars, storage elements and signage, which sit proudly alongside custom studio-gram designed seating, tables and lights. 

Every joinery item down the tasting flight trays, are bespoke elements, every joint was measured against tradition, and expressed in a contemporary manner, a true reflection of the client's craft and the craft celebrated throughout the interiors is one that matches the quality outcomes of St Hugo's product and the wine making process.

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