STACtile_Concrete, Stone & Wood.

It all started with the concept of creating a modular tile that would embody the simplicity and playfulness of a child’s building block.........................

STAC has since developed a modular tile for use as wall cladding in large feature walls, which when used creates a multitude of patterns and effects simply by STACing , shifting or rotating it. It’s a tactile, contemporary cladding solution that is brought to life through light and is only limited by one’s imagination.

STAC wanted the tile to embody use pure geometries that when put together could create patterns that were both elegant & timeless.

Simple in concept and elegant in execution, STACtile is being mass produced in a single form, but in multiple colours and finishes allow it to be arranged in an endless array of patterns & designs.

STACtile is best installed without the use of grout to create a more contemporary look. It is designed for both internal and external applications & we look forward to watching it weather naturally in large external applications.

STACtile is currently available in nine core finishes comprising of various Concrete, Sandstone, Marble & Wood varieties.

Despite the tiles apparent simplicity there are some rather complex & intriguing patterns to be found when arranging it. With more than ten unique patterns combined with nine currently available finishes there appears to be an endless array of options available to designers. The tile is only one part of the story, it is up to the individual designer to create their pattern, select which materials to use, add light and bring the tactile quality of their design to life.