Stream of Yincheng



Designers Team: Su Jun, Zhao Tao, Huang Xinxin, Zhou Yufan

The project is located in Gusu District, Suzhou. The surrounding classical gardens such as Dingyuan, Liuyuan and West Garden Temple give it enough quietness and Zen. However, how to blend in the environment and integrate the "new" elements of the times on the premise of preserving the sense of history has become the starting point of the design.

The white feather drop ornament in the entrance hall is based on the design concept of lattice window of Suzhou gardens, which extracts the oriental elements, takes its meaning instead of its type, and presents it in the form of overlapping layers and waves.

The spiral stair exists as the visual focus in space. The use of special texture paint is to strengthen its characteristics and better echo the overall style of the building - rough and primitive. After going through many vicissitudes of life, the edges and corners have been worn away, leaving behind a witness to time.

Interior designers hope to separate the space with a simple combination of walls to ensure the flexibility of the space. In order to create a unique space environment, the wall composed of stone strips of different sizes is used to show changes in unified materials, which not only ensures its purity, but also reflects its delicacy.

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