STUDIO DOHO was officially formed in 2018 with a simple idea: 
We Create Excitement. 
DOHO, a blend of the founder’s surnames, is a collaboration between architects Xin Dogterom (Dutch-Chinese) and Jason Holland (USA) which aims to explore experience-based design that creates excitement. We are storytellers at heart and use design to explore the possibilities and interactions of people in space.

Founded as a boutique design office in Shanghai, our work is a fusion of international perspective and local understanding of Shanghai’s global design ambition. We have completed, or are currently working on, over 40 projects in China which include a diverse collection of F&B, retail, office and lifestyle projects.
Like a great story, we start our design with the end in mind and then craft a narrative that tells the client’s story through color, material and texture. The end result is an experience that captures the imagination of the client and is focused on creating excitement.
We deliver projects ranging from high-end to eccentric, under the constraints of small spaces, tight budgets and short timelines. Our desire to deliver great work drives us to work closely with contractors and spend generous amount of time on-site during construction to ensure a great result.
We have quickly become a recognized named in the Shanghai interior design scene and are building a presence internationally with publications in multiple media outlets. Most recently we were awarded Silver in the 2019 WIN Awards Emerging Interiors Practice of the Year category.

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