Studio Tate

Studio Tate completely renovated and restored this heritage Tudor-style beach house in Mount Martha, celebrating the historic home's identity and stunning location. Our process was grounded in sensitivity for the Tudor tradition of the home, while seamlessly integrating contemporary amenity. 

The design concept was built around the context of the site and its location, with an overall concept of coastal textures shaping the look and feel of this home. White, nude and grey tones reference bleached coral and sand, while crisp finishes and soft furnishings echo the brisk Victorian coastal climate. 

Modifications to the floorplan including an enlarged ground floor have significantly enhanced the overall layout and functionality. Strategically placed joinery also directs circulation and demarcates the space while providing opportunities for display and storage. 

With the house to become guest accommodation once a new contemporary residence is built on the same block, our material selection was guided by considering robustness and durability. A sense of discreet luxury is evoked by the palette of rich tan leathers, terrazzo, whitewashed timber veneer and soft oak. As a subtle but nuanced element of surprise and delight, cabinetry throughout the home is lined internally in a soft mint green finish, referencing the abundance of Tea Tree on the property. 

Bespoke windows marry the existing style, and period architraves were integrated within the stone wall finish to the bathrooms. In the entry stairway, contemporary metal balustrades reference the diagonal geometries decorating the house's front windows while the timber-lined domed ceiling highlights the home's elegant volumes. The result is an entirely sympathetic outcome that enhances the beauty of this residence by responding to today's liveability. 

Innovation finds itself in the nuanced approach where the residence's identity is celebrated on every level - neither being a self-consciously trend-driven outcome, nor an exercise in historical replica. 

This project demonstrates how a heritage home's integrity can be preserved while offering a new chapter to its life. This not only allows multiple dimensions of the home's identity to be celebrated by its residents, but presents a long-sighted view that honours the home's wider significance within our rich architectural fabric.

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