SUMMIT GALLERY is opened as a space for experiencing a residential area Prugio Summit. Targeting those who live in Prugio Summit, this is a private space for experience and culture, managed on a subscription basis, and embodies a value beyond the simple residence. 'Window' is material to imply the way most properly which those who live in and will live in it establish relationship with Summit. Windows of this space are formed by various visual angles to look Summit, and its concept is expressed with different atmospheres respectively on each of three floors. In particular, frames motivated by the windows are regarded significantly from the viewpoint of leading to the world of Summit, because they become daily scenery created and provided by Summit. Sequences in the square frames changing diversely while reflecting people and projecting the images of Summit, tell a narrative about an authentic apartment, a real world pursued by Summit, without filtering.

Entering interior space, we meet, above all, the lounge area of the first floor consisting of lifestyles and arts including design and architecture. Created in the relatively dark atmosphere, this space shows the images of Prugio Apartment which keep the roman of those who enter it, in order that they can feel Summit throughout. As the space is motivated by the windows of apartment, square framed sections are divided by different themes such as design, architecture and lifestyle, and a façade of apartment which decorates one side of ceiling attracts the attention. The façade of apartment seen at night is a device which shows the changeable kaleidoscope and induces the feature of apartment by establishing identity with non-sequential images of windows lighted or not. Besides, the designer gave artistic sensibility and empowered premium value of Summit by placing the furniture masterpieces of Maarten Baas and Le Corbusier. 

When we arrive at the second floor through an escalator which goes up and down presenting different images of the entire floors, we are greeted by an atmosphere quite different from the first floor. Consisting of Craft Studio, Gallery, and VIP Room, this floor is completed with wood material in order to keep the warmness as a space for residing. It is also a means to reveal the images of Summit Apartment vaguely. Weed applied in the vertical type greets the secret voice of every visitor, providing the space with the sense of balance and stability.

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