Suzhou Yango Tanyuan Sales Center

Matrix Design


The project is located in the center of Southern Wuzhong District of Suzhou. The design extracts local elements of Suzhou, and introduces local historic culture into the space.

Oriental charm hidden in Suzhou's sundry daily life can be indistinctly seen through the space framework. The design represents the "Suzhou Slow" in the living habits of modern human settlements, because of which the functional zones have the special meanings.

The front hall reception represents "turn lanes", the negotiation area represents "smelling books, listening to music, tasting tea", the sand table represents "touring the garden and enjoying the scenery". The design uses light-colored materials to reconstruct the spatial order and guide the visitor’s sights. The intention is to use modern aesthetics to create the charm of Suzhou gardens borrowing from scenery.

The large blank space aims to present a better net worth space. Natural light always gives people a sense of softness and comfort, supplemented by a large area of white, the strength of quietness arises spontaneously. The skylight of sand table is introduced from the "patio yard" to let the light leak into the space.

With the holes on the top, light and shadow flow in the space and symbolize the record of time. The patio portrays time as sundial does, telling the charm of Suzhou's history and the life that Suzhou people live elaborately. This kind of Suzhou Sunshine City is still alive, expressing the Suzhou spirit, staying in the new time, and lingering in memory.

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