The Budapest Cafe



Filmmaker Wes Anderson's distinctive visual style provided the inspiration for The Budapest Café. The client specifically engaged an Australian design studio to create an international hospitality experience, one that would attract social media-savvy females who enjoy café culture. The design draws on Anderson's meticulous, memorable and magical worlds to create an inviting destination with whimsical character and international appeal.

To ensure the design beautifully merged in the 178sqm lofty space, and that each element responded to the brief with purpose and distinction Biasol began understanding Anderson's style: his symmetrical and quirky sets; vivid and nostalgic colour palettes; and the sentiment that infuses his films. Biasol explored layers, elevations and patterns to unify what began as an abstract concept, evolving it into a destination that engages and excites.

Layers, elevations and design features encourage customers to explore the space. A mezzanine level provides a view from above; symmetrical arches frame recessed seating and shelving; and stairs and steps lead upstairs, lead nowhere, and are integrated into shelving, fireplaces and the long marble bar. 

The Budapest Café is designed to feel feminine, light and fun, despite its loftiness and exposed structure. A pink ball pool, neon signage and original Eero Aarnio Bubble chair inspire playfulness, and the bathrooms surprise with speckled pink terrazzo to complement and contrast with the nostalgic-green hues of the café. 

The result demonstrates Biasol's international capabilities fused with their Australian design style. The Budapest Café has a relaxed and indulgent atmosphere; a whimsical and elegant aesthetic; and a hospitality experience infused with Melbourne's café culture.

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