Bernd Steinhuber und FIPE architecture


Every story has a beginning, at least 1 event, if it's good it has a message, ideally a good one, and then some time it has to have an end.  At the beginning of its story, Wever & Ducre turned its values into a name.

WErklust (the pleasure of work) - VERtrouwen (trust) - ENthousiasme (enthusiasm) - DUrf (courage) -CREativiteit (creativity).

At LB 18 we propose to give these values visual expression, turning them into an event. Of the best sort. To do this, we need artists. Who can make our values tangible during the trade fair. And they're going to need huge canvases. And they're going to need something like a room. This room is a simple grid, strong enough to support 7‑meter panels. And cozy enough to let people sit back and take a break from the trade fair endurance event.
That's it.

Just as with every new idea, and every new project, this too is an experiment. If you don't give it a try, you'll never know whether it's any good, and what it's good for. 
It'd be dull if we knew the ending before we began.

Now the trade fair is over we know iyt was an event, it was a good story, it took the brand forward, it spoke to the delegates. And the experiment provided empirical proof of the brand name.

WErklust (the pleasure of work) - VERtrouwen (trust) - ENthousiasme (enthusiasm) - DUrf (courage) -CREativiteit (creativity).

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