The Fold Flagship

Kinnersley Kent Design


The Fold, regularly cited as the go-to designer for professional women, asked Kinnersley Kent Design (KKD) to design its first standalone store at 28 Cadogan Place, Chelsea. Initially sold online only, the flagship marks a key milestone for The Fold, providing a new way for the brand to serve its growing loyal customer base.

Retail is no longer about creating something static - it is about designing flexible spaces that change throughout the day, and that grow and evolve with a brand. Therefore, KKD worked with The Fold to create something that is more than a shop. The flagship turns the traditional definition of a 'store' on its head, with a hard-working, stylish concept based on the idea of a members' club. 

The multi-functional, 130 sqm flagship does what the clothes do - takes the customer from 9am to 9pm. By day, it is a relaxed showroom and shopping space. By night, it transforms into an events venue to host The Fold's regular networking events, serving engaging content to its diverse community of Fold Women. 

The distinct design language embodies the spirit of the brand. Its clean, contemporary lines express modern femininity while avoiding design clichés, with a strong sense of individuality and personality. 

The design approach was based upon the interplay of three core elements, grounded by the 'members' club' concept:

1. Expressing 'The Fold' in the truest sense of the word. 
The sharp and graphic design language features sculptural forms which act as a key brand signature and handwriting. This is exemplified by the 'pleated' tiles, and bespoke furniture and lighting such as the folded brass pendant lights designed by KKD. 

2. Championing British female designers and artists. 
KKD's all female project team sourced bespoke materials and artworks from female British designers alongside iconic pieces. The bar is made from a unique, individually-crafted composite material by designer Stephanie Tudor. KKD designed a sculptural black geometric table to replace the traditional cash desk. 

3. Beautifully-tailored materials.
Materials echo the brand's attention to detail and its tailored, quality fabrics. The palette is graphic and quite masculine, with a monochromatic base reflecting The Fold's workwear roots, juxtaposed with an eclectic and slightly unexpected tactile mix of materials. The herringbone pattern flooring is reminiscent of heritage fabrics, while brass highlights add a glamorous touch suggestive of clothing details like zips.

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