The Foliage Collection



The Foliage Collection brings together six unique stone surfaces that derive inspiration from natural forms and textures. Conceptualized using a unique process that combines digital manufacturing with traditional hand-craftsmanship, the collection delivers minimal surfaces that have an artisanal quality to them.

The design intent has been to highlight the often, over-looked vein patterns on leaves, in contrast to their outer forms. Six species of plants were shortlisted - the Bodhi, the Maple, the Monstera, the Birch, the Elm, and the Lily - and samples of their leaves were collated at Anoma's studio in Noida, India, where they were three-dimensionally mapped. Informed by extensive botanical studies, Founder and Creative Director Ruchika Grover then illustrated the rough concepts on paper by interpreting the natural vein networks into subtle patterns, and sizably scaling them up in order to bring them into focus. 

Integrating the design process with computer-aided modeling, precise measurements were determined and intricate details were added. Lines were extruded and accorded with heights and depths, while edges were beveled. Next, several prototypes were developed over a period of five months; a range of patterns, materials, and tools were employed in an effort to gauge what worked best. The process involved dimensions being translated into manufacturing directives and being fed into a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) milling machine. The machine, thereafter, performed cutting and drilling operations on the stone, using diamond and carbide-tipped tools. 

The surfaces were finally finished by hand, where skilled stone artisans carved intricate textures into the stone using a variety of techniques - chipping, sanding, and shot-blasting. This last step helped add a human touch to a largely digitally-fabricated product. 

A testament to the incredible potential of natural stone, these surfaces can be used both indoors and outdoors to enhance the spatial atmosphere. During the initial study of the leaves, it was observed that while veins are set deep on their sun-facing surfaces, they protrude outwards on the other side. The Foliage Collection references this dichotomy: each of its surfaces has two versions - an embossed one and an engraved one. The surfaces are available in modular panels measuring 24" X 24" and 24" X 48" in three material choices - Graphite Grey Granite, Crèma Limestone, and Pristine White Marble. The patterns, however, are customizable and can be interpreted to suit specific project requirements, to create customized installations across varied scales and typologies.

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