The Heroic

Preen, Inc.


The Heroic is a small shop redefining what it is to create the hero sandwich. It is a multi-layered space: a lunchtime sandwich spot offering wine on the call and a secret urban garden, furthering the presentations of the chef and offering communal wine dinners.

The design occurs by imposition and mirroring, by the reach of one object, one material into another dimension. The blood red light hangs from a heavy tube steel, beginning in the upper deli, arching down to crown the server taking orders on the main floor. This visually unites an upper space. It is the reach of the mighty, the one common bond that binds the two together.

Heroic explores conversations about what it is to be mortal It is playful and touches on common human signifiers of the all mighty, from our zodiac interpretations to Zeus’ lightning bolt to a garden of Eden. But the real intelligence of the design lies in the conversation that when we create a design language, mirroring lights, transposing space, we are creating the fundamental process of signification and meaning as we have done historically in language, in religion, in our human interpretation of the universe.

The Heroic is a playful conversation of our infinity and limitation. This really is the story of the restaurant. It is of the hero, how frail we humans be but how powerful the power of the human spirit. Hero, or hero sandwich, how blessed we be that something so small can be so mighty.

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