The Home for a Brand New Start

PONE Architecture


This is a renovation project. The owner is a professional woman and looks after her daughter independently. Time and space are important to improve life efficiency. The house is east-west direction, 120㎡in total with three bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms. The entrance is a 20 ㎡ indoor garden with a space higher than 6m.

The room type is good but it wasn’t properly planned.
1. Low space utilization rate, only 55%.
2. Messy design style
3. Limited space for her daughter to grow up.
4. As a working woman and family provider, the client also needs space for hobbies. The area is sufficient, but the actual layout and use are problematic. The space for using for 8 hours a day is only 30% , same as the space seldom used. The living room and dining room are too large. The vacant guest room occupies 10% of the house. We hope that this project, based on their life features, will be transformed specifically and heal people's hearts.

After transformation
1. Complex functions in every area.
2. Bedrooms, Study and Yoga room, used for 8 hours a day, occupy 50% of the house.
3. Hanging Garden, Chinese and Western Kitchen, Green wall, Hanging bed with functions of guest room and gathering, become daily spaces and interest compounds for them.
4. Space utilization rate increases, by reorganizing functions distribution, extending living space, designing hobbies area, and using the vacant space to be a guest room in a composite way.

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