The case was built on a hillside, high behind and low in front of the building. Surrounded by the mountains, the scattered facade combination of the original building is not completely integrated with the site. After recombing the appearance of the building, the vertical and horizontal boxes collocate with the ultimate transparent glass form, so that everything seen indoor and outdoor become a landscape. The semi-outdoor staircase design makes the circulation space more convenient. The master bedroom can go directly downstairs into the outdoor garden and enjoy the outdoor scenery at the same time.

On the basis of the original area, the outdoor swimming pool deliberately extends the connected 10cm waterscape, and a garden window is cut out at the bottom of the waterscape, which becomes the only lighting of the underground teahouse below the waterscape. The sunlight penetrates the water and refracts into the teahouse, forming a sense of serenity.

The gentle shaking of the water waves makes the light smart and active. The second and third floors of the original building conceal the visual advantage of the site: overlooking the northwest corner, it is an elegant white building and a central lake view, with the best view on the third floor, but half of the beauty is obscured by the height of the second floor. The designer deliberately reduced the height of the second floor, released the practical function of the third floor terrace, and returned the excellent view to the field of vision at the same time.

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