The Terrace Collection

Studio Hemal Patel


Launched in May 2018 by design brand HeadSprung, The Terrace Collection is the inaugural project by Studio Hemal Patel. It consists of a range of beautiful, contemporary wooden furniture whose designs reference terrace farming practices widely employed in mountainous regions of the Far East and South America. The range aims to be functional art, with the 'terraces' carved from the wood to form smooth, sweeping contours that imbue a striking, sculptural elegance.

The collection was born from a desire to create furniture that is new and interesting in both form and function. Aesthetically, it introduces a new design language and topology that is eye-catching and original, and functionally, it offers a user experience that is unconventional yet familiar. It does all of this by using layering, in the guise of terraces, to construct levels and platforms at varying heights that provide usable space in an unexpected way.

The range currently consists of a coffee table and a set of wall shelves. The Terrace Coffee Table takes a triangular form with soft, rounded corners. Meandering across it's centre is a beautifully crafted 'mountain range' with terracing along its length. On each side of the ridge are flat expanses that provide work or storage surfaces. Both are large enough to accommodate A3 paper, making the table practical for everyday use.

The shelves are available in 3 sizes (small, medium and long), with each taking its own unique shape. Unlike most shelves that are flat and linear and hold items at a single level, the Terrace Shelves use the platforms to provide storage spaces at different heights, to showcase decorations, photos and keepsakes in a fresh and distinctive way.

The true beauty of the Terrace collection can only really be experienced in its presence. In addition to their sculptural splendour, as you move around and interact with each piece the play of light and shadow, as they advance and retreat along the winding contours, accentuate the beauty of the carvings and impart a dynamism rarely seen in furniture. The terracing also adds a lovely tactility, making the experience of running your fingers along their undulating lines extremely satisfying.

The Terrace collection is suitable for domestic or commercial environments, and is available in 4 different wood species (Sapele, Maple, Oak and American Black Walnut). Each piece is skilfully made in the UK using a combination of computer controlled machining and expert craftsmanship.

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