Times Garden



The design concept comes from the garden visit experience of the oriental garden. When visiting, it goes from outdoor to indoor, and from indoor to outdoor, forming a sensory switch. Sometimes the long corridor is deliberately narrowed and elongated, and sometimes the square pavilion is suddenly enlightened.

There is a water court outside the square pavilion, which is the landscape implication of China's miniature universe. The closed and open space rhythm, as well as the deliberate narrowing and farthening of the line of sight, are the quintessence of the Chinese garden. The design takes the Chinese garden as the design clue, organizing three boxes in series with long corridors, surrounded by the central water court in the middle, and the spatial rhythm is relaxed. Moreover it ingeniously combines western modern architectural language and oriental garden experience.

The semi-transparent white "Yunshan" device in the square box is extracted from the Yunshan of classical ink and presented with contemporary washing techniques. The refraction of sunlight at different times makes it light and ethereal. Another square box, whose one side is completely open to the water court, creates a gray space between indoor and outdoor.

The running water sculpture device penetrates to the outside, and the water drips down the dark trough into the water court, breaking the indoor and outdoor boundaries. Two mountain-shaped sofas stand on both sides of the negotiation area, which seems to be looking at each other in the picture.

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