Tintagel House

Universal Design Studio


Tintagel House, a new flagship flexible workspace on Albert Embankment in Vauxhall, has opened following a major refurbishment by interior designers, Universal Design Studio. Acquired by TOG in 2015 and their largest project to date, the building offers 95,000 sq ft of serviced office and co-working space, and a wealth of communal spaces including a café, bar, gym, lounge and kitchens.

Built in 1960 and occupied by the Metropolitan Police for half a century, Tintagel House continues to stand out on Albert Embankment, an area that has changed dramatically over the past decades and, with the adjacent Nine Elms Development rapidly taking shape, will continue to do so. A new hub for entrepreneurs and independent businesses, Tintagel House generates further diversity in the area and contributes to the energy and activity of the revived neighbourhood.

The relationship between the external open space and the interior of the building is mediated by the introduction of two-storey colonnades which give civic character to the previously introverted lower levels of Tintagel House, while at the same time creating a sense of enclosure and providing private amenity for building users in the form of external terraces along the riverside.

Universal Design Studio anchored the interior influences to Tintagel House's previous life as the Met Police HQ. Inspired by the rich heritage belonging to the building, characterised by innovation, intrigue and investigations, the newly designed interiors aesthetically reference archival material from the building in the 1960s, juxtaposed with the new uses of the building.

The former home of the first police computer - an ICT 1301 mainframe installed in the 1960s - the design for key new spaces within Tintagel House reference these state-of-the-art data processing technologies of the era with a strong graphic quality using materials such as brushed stainless steel, terrazzo and block colours, contrasted against contemporary fittings. A broad menu of interiors, which vary in degrees of privacy and openness, were designed to accommodate and nurture the creative culture both of TOG's nomadic 17,000 strong modern working community and guests from the surrounding Vauxhall area. Offering an extensive range of co-working, meeting and hospitality spaces, from specially-considered secluded quiet corners for some head-down calm to socially-oriented public areas designed to generate opportunities for members to connect in more serendipitous ways, each space has been designed with a strong visual identity.


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