Tomson Riviera



As the most expensive mansion in China today, it is located in the core of Lujiazui financial center. The design should not only retain its original luxury, but also give it a brand-new modern oriental life language to shape it into an international luxury mansion with oriental spiritual value.

The deliberately compressed vestibule is surrounded by virtual and real perforated metal plates to surround the miniature indoor water features. The whole limestone wall of the main hall is 6 meters high, and the corners are treated by soft curves. In the meantime, an arch was dug to form a stove. The opposite background wall is inspired by the dome of the palace, like an arched peak, completely wrapped in leather.

The staircase moves from an inconspicuous area to an intuitive view of the Huangpu River, further highlighting the landmarks of luxury houses. The outside of the staircase is covered with dark oak finish, and the inside steps are covered with white cowhide, giving the space an excellent texture.

The original restaurant on the side of the stairs was moved to the area near the river. As a place to carry laughter, it should occupy the position of ritual. Five fully functional suites are planned, including separate bedrooms, bathrooms, cloakrooms and mini bar. Movable clothes and hat intelligent system of master bedroom can maximize space utilization, with a capacity of up to 120m ³.

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