TongLu Conrad

Beijing PRO Lighting Design


In any way, the hotel, situated on the other side of the river, is the most standard resort hotel, with a verdant landscape on the other side.Seen from the top, the buildings standing in the distribution of 5 height difference of the mountain looks like a medieval town hidden among the trees.

And an idea of illumination design appears, which is the sample of architectural lighting—the Lake Santorini. We analyzed the features of Santorini’s nocturnal scene and found that light is most abundant in the recesses, creating an unusually rich variety of light and shade as the buildings stack up.Therefore, in this project, we placed the light mostly in the recesses of the building or on the inside of the building, so that the main structural feature of the building can be reflected, while the exterior and the surface are in shadow.

Once all the buildings are connected horizontally and longitudinally, there are repeated variations of light and dark, which are enriched by differences in the orientation of the buildings.Supposed that photographer would blurt out Santorini in face of such spot, which is the most intuitive aspect of light——the image arouses familiar memories that move people.Thus, we can see the presentation of landscape is contrary to our design concept of illumination. Those 4-meter-tall inexplicable pillar lamp leads to puzzle whether it is a resort hotel. the client brief:CICC real estate,Established in 1998, it is now a national level II development qualification enterprise

completion date:2019.10
size of project:30000 square meters

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