United Places Botanic Gardens Hotel



Drawn from the united themes of hotel as home, United Places demonstrates a design response of intense refinement and precision. This boutique hotel offers 12 highly curated suites on a compressed and narrow site within the heart of Melbourne's Botanic Gardens precinct.

A point of distinction and distraction in the streetscape, the entry reads as a permeable form permitting glimpsed views through to textural board formed concrete and black steel finned passage. The arrival experience is punctured by an asymmetrical conical void casting a perfect circle of light at the sun's peak, calling guests to explore the curious, kinetic artwork that hovers within it. This experience asks one to engage with texture, light and shadow at close range; quiet and harmonious, breaking focus from street level. 

Binary concepts of extrovert and introvert form an underlying narrative throughout the guestrooms. Considered the 'extroverts', the suites to the North present as sociable and gregarious with connection and engagement to a dynamic and energetic street life below. Soft tones of desaturated green respond to the garden vistas and lush foliage of the botanic setting.

Conversely the Southern suites of the property are considered 'introverts'. Distinctly more private and secluded they offer a sense of retreat and sanctuary. Pink tones reflect the red brick materiality of the classic Melbourne industrial buildings and warehouses so prevalent to the South.

Interiors are further articulated with bronzed elements, echoing the architectural detailing of the façade. The wall light extrusion follows the exact profile of the balustrade, ensuring both technical and conceptual connection from exterior to interior. This radiates a warm glow across the hand-made quality of the custom render wall finish.

A celebration of the bathing experience is fundamental to the design concept. In an unexpected and unconventional move, ensuites appear as mirrored pods, centrally located within the guestroom, seemingly floating within the space. Acting more as a sculptural piece, the simple act of showering is transformed as direct views to an ever changing botanical garden aspect feel within reach. Privacy is ensured by the mirrored external surface as it reflects light and casts the guest within the pod into discreet silhouette. 

The larger double guestroom suites offer an oversized, black sunken bath inserted at the edge of the space capturing 180 degree views of ancient tree tops and the iconic city skyline. Like bathing on the edge of a precipice, the experience is sensory and evocative.


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