vivo Headquarter in Dongguan

Cheng Chung Design Hong Kong


The core value of vivo is "fun, vitality, innovative technology", and its core value runs throughout the design. The architectural design intended to bring the latest office experience to the global enterprise of vivo, and provide employees with a comfortable office space. CCD put forward the design concept of "the nest of hope, the light of technology", hoping that employees of vivo will enjoy the fun elements and interactive space in the nest and to invent creative technological products.

The main body of the project is an oval-shaped, seven-story large-scale building that is located close to the main entrance with turbulent water outside and green grass. The interior design continues the selection of the building and enlarges the proportion of the wood to make the nest warmer, providing a more comfortable and relaxing indoor environment for people. The interior space incorporates a number of oval elements as to make the transition from outside to inside smoother. By introducing the flowing water into the space, it would not only strengthen the shape of the 'folding fan' in the space, but also solve the problem of the lobby being too large. The oval-shaped waterscape facing the entrance echoes with the enlarged upper and lower atrium, and the white spiral staircase suspended by the steel cable connects the upper and lower spaces. There are also a number of living quarters and recreational places designed where employees would be able to utilize and interact to give birth to new products.

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