Voltasol - the rolling flower pot

Voltasol has the gift of mobility. Especially designed to move according to the trajectory of the sun (which explains his particular inclination) in order to promote the movement of plants and help them grow better.

The flowerpot has a semi-conical base that avoids the static nature of conventional pots, thereby creating a slight movement that can either be generated spontaneously or else be induced at will. The simple movement is created on the axis of the pot.

This slight manipulation of the base that causes a vertex to emerge from its circular center facilitates the movement of the plant and stimulates its growth by multiplying the amount of sunlight capable of reaching the roots and leaves. As a result, in opposition to its conventional predecessor, slight gestures in any direction within its given circumference can be generated spontaneously or be induced by the user at will.

Potted plants are apparently static, so why not provide them with movement to enable them to follow the path of the sun, to sway in a breeze or grow at will?

These ideas generated a new flowerpot, VoltaSol, a tilted pot that facilitates the movement of the plant and stimulates its growth.

Hand worked hand with red ceramic from La Bisbal d'Empordà, Girona. The purity of his materials and the respect with which it's manufactured make Voltasol an special object environmentally friendly on all his process.

That's Voltasol: the first product by livingthings, Girona. Designed by Studio BAG Disseny, Andorra.

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