Wuhan Wushang Mall Cinema 9/F

One Plus Partnership Limited


The designers adopted the rotating motion of film reels as the theme of this cinema, captured and portrayed in an impactful and modernistic movie-viewing environment. 

In the lobby, round plates are arranged across the ceiling. Film reels are portrayed as huge round plates with 2.8 meter diameter, linked carefully to jointly form an enormous and powerful ceiling feature. The wood pattern and the lighting effect together create a sense of movement and suspension, resembling film reels frozen in the midst of rotation. The plates are aluminium panels painted with wood patterns, where the wood pattern enhances the 3D effect and adds texture to the flat aluminium panels.

The designer's bold adaptation of circular installation is rarely found in interior design. The application of circular decorations and patterns is very hard to manage in interior design, as the design would easily be deemed fancy and feminine, most designers and clients thus prevent using circular elements in their designs. The designers' choice of materials and layout of the round plates have successfully created an elegant atmosphere in the cinema, breaking the limitation of circular shapes.

The designers adopted earth tone as the main color, creating a mild and warm atmosphere. Stones in 2 shades of brown are used on the floor, aligning with the ceiling feature, the darker stones imitate shadows these plates cast on the floor. The linear floor pattern also strengthens the sense of movement of the ceiling feature, resulting in a dynamic atmosphere.

The plates next to the ticket counter descends to the ground, adding variety to the ceiling feature and subtly separates the ticket counter from the rest of the lobby. The stone counters at the concession area are specially designed with smooth edges, matching with the fluid outline of film reels. 

Earth tone is also adopted in the rest area, sofas and coffee tables are in dark green, presenting a sense of elegance and calmness. The furniture are round and have smooth edges, echoing the round plates in the ceiling feature. 

In the auditorium, ceiling and walls are all covered with small brown discs made from sound absorbing panels, echoing with the ceiling feature in the lobby. The discs seem to be flying towards the audience from everywhere, creating a sense of speed and excitement. Pattern on the carpet merges the 2 main elements of the lobby design, simple lines outline the ceiling feature and stone floor.


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