Republic Metropolis Architecture


"X" indicates unprediction,which is full of possibilities. "X" indicates refusal,which refuses any unimaginative vapidity.

Entertainment, is that produces surprise with wild-growing imagination, escaping from the vapidity in reality and staying away from the "ground".

X-CLUB is backgrounded by walking-in-air reverie to trace out the poetry-like scene for the upcoming. Floating cloud in the Van Gogh's starry sky and pleaceful people and so on.

While entering X-CLUB,"GRG" white cloud emerges and full-fill one-side space. The cloud,from far to near and from top to bottom,extends to the front of the stage.High-to-low cloud cluster design makes it possible for clients to get views and feel the heat from the stage. Backgrounded by dark black cosmic-like ceiling and floor, the clouds look more clear and alive.

Every cloud cluster designed with decorated-light overhead is to establish a starry-sky scene.

One side of the center-pipe is all-covered by a LED screen. And dizzy-color on cloud cluster constantly change following what the subject LED screen plays. People will get an averiety and dream-like experience from the light of the clouds. 

At the corner of the center-pipe, a bar table gets in shape by the extended cloud. Overhead the bar table, there is the catching-eye light device, while it is on work, looking more shinning than the starry sky. The device shoot out to both ends freely and smoothly, to one is in the real-dynamic stage, to the other Is in the quite quiet bar-area.

The middle part of quiet-bar area is constracted of acrylic. Overhead it is the semi-transparent surface body made of a range of acrylic tubes. From this surface body ,after putting the view through projector, people can enjoy the live-show of the stage. So that it works to connect both the dynamic area and the quiet one,to a certain extent. Surround the sky-ceiling, there are LED screens in many sizes and shapes. The subjects playing on the screens also effects on scene of the whole interior space. The concept of walking-in-air reverie does throughout the whole space. While people walks in X-CLUB, they can feel the vivid theme and definite experience.

The project cost is 50000000 CNY


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