Photographer: Fei Gao

Marcelo, the architect of zespa explains: ‘The Sneakers phenomenon is a worldwide trend of creativity and quality. For Zespa, I didn't want to talk about shoes but feet. We must go beyond the simple universe of clothing, of wearing. This store had to be as strong as it was impactful. The idea was to keep the cachet of this old 80m2 newsstand anchored in the 70s as much as possible. His first will was to keep the copper-aluminum ceiling made of slats. This part of the store, previously nonexistent, ultimately becomes the founding and unifying element.

The colorimetry with a Mediterranean blue presented on the facade and on the floor of the shop, adds power to the signature of the space and the brand. Around will come to articulate other very strong elements and materials that give the place a luxurious and powerful harmony: wood with custom-made shelves, brass with the logo and the slats of the ceiling, stainless steel with the wings of plane which allow to create a display suspension. Stainless steel again with the treatment of the polychromed mirror which cleverly presents the pair to its wearer. Indeed, thanks to the mirror reflection, the pair of shoes splits, we not only see the pair but we see ourselves with it, which allows us to appropriate it directly.

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