Shenzhen-based NTA Design created a model "working + living" space for an apartment development in Xi'an, China. Based on the approach of deconstruction, the designers broke the traditional spatial pattern, and created a modern space which perfectly integrates experiences and functionality.

Situated at Daming Palace Commercial Circle and adjacent to Daming Palace National Heritage Park, the project carries the memory of the city. It's located in an old quarter of Xi'an, surrounded by urban villages and resettlement housing. In the context of urban renewal, the old urban area is driving property development by culture and promoting functional upgrade through improving commercial facilities.

In view of the great development potential of this area, lots of brand residential developments, large-scale commercial facilities and star hotels have been settled there. Based on differentiated positioning, the project presents an innovative space. Targeted at young entrepreneurs and urbanites, it explores to create a novel living model which combines commercial logic and social value.

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