Zoina Auspicious Omen Sales Center

Das Design for zoina land


Cui Duan, Fu Zhiheng, Qiu Limin, Chen Liwen

Continuing the tonality of the logs, combined with the Japanese design style to create a fully open interactive space, the hierarchical structure expands the space vision, softens the silence and unity under pure wood, and gives the space greater flexibility and tolerance. Perhaps the greatest charm of design is to use the simplest elements to outline the simplest texture. In the application of decoration, real plants and landscapes are used in the sand table area, and natural art and human aesthetics are blooming again and again; and the guest negotiation area also uses real floral plants to feel the natural traces with real texture.

Project information
Project name: ZOINA AUSPICIOUS OMEN SALES CENTER Location: Zhanjiang, China Decoration design firm: Das Design Co., Ltd – www.dasdesign.cn Design team: Cui Duan, Fu Zhiheng, Qiu Limin, Chen Liwen Completion time: January 2020 Area: 495 m2 Photography: MConcept, Zhao Dimin

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