Christophe Egret

Architect, Founding Director, Studio Egret West


Christophe is an Architect and Founding Director of Studio Egret West with over 30 years practice experience on local and international projects.

He moved from Paris to London to study at the Architectural Association and spent his formative years working on a number of key projects, notably designing the Peckham Library (winner of the RIBA Sterling Prize 2000), the Blizzard Building for the Queen Mary Research Laboratory in Whitechapel, the winning design for the Fourth Grace in Liverpool and the Manchester Millennium Village framework plan while a director at Alsop Architects.

In 2004 he joined forces with David West, an Urban Designer, to create Studio Egret West, a dynamic cross platform workshop where architecture, urban design and landscape are not seen as separate skills, but rightfully reunited to create a unique working environment where city, public realm and building speak to each other.

One of Christophe’s main interest has been housing and it’s juxtaposition with other mixed uses to establish richer urban places. He explores new typologies that adapt to our changing housing landscape and is interested in adapting existing structures to second lives as in Park Hill, Sheffield.

He is also fascinated by transport hub which he sees as natural centres of urban life which should be treated as places to stay as well as nodes of transit. The practice’s London Underground Idiom set a new vision for tube stations across the capital both old and new.

More recently he has been interested in schools and the workplace particularly in relation to co-working environments and incubator platforms. The Creative Research Laboratory at Preston Barracks will become a natural incubator platform for design students of Brighton university.

Christophe is a frequent guest lecturer on subjects ranging from residential and mixed use developments, sustainable communities, design participation, place making and landscape.

He is part of the New Building Futures group which initiates research projects that help plan and adapt to change in our built environment.

He also lead the Metabolic Cities course (2017) of the London School of Architecture which explores improvements to health and wellbeing in a dense urban environment.

He co-authored the recent book of Studio Egret West : Framing Serendipity, an approach to Evolving Places (2017)


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