Shaun Fernandes

Co-founder and Creative Director, Jump Studios


Shaun studied architecture at the University of Waterloo, Canada and graduated with distinction. Prior to launching Jump Studios, he was a Senior Designer at Ron Arad Associates where he helped to create the Belgo restaurant group and was lead creative on the competition-winning Adidas Stadium in Paris. Shaun also headed the creative team on the Adidas Sports Café franchise and was involved in the design of various product and furniture pieces currently in production with leading manufacturers such a Vitra, Kartell, Morosso, Fiam, and Swatch.

Shaun also has years of experience working for leading theatre design practices in London and Toronto working on flexible performance space for projects located in California, Seattle and Miami.

Since forming Jump Studios in 2001, Shaun has instrumentally shaped the creative output of the practice. He brings a wealth of experience in balancing creativity with delivery, ensuring the practice consistently produces spaces that are useful and engaging, fresh and original, and true to their practical purpose. His leadership capacity and hands-on approach to projects of all scales has earned him a reputation as a highly-skilled, dependable and engaging partner for clients.


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