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Grand Prix

Capsule hostel and Bookstore in Village Qinglongwu

Atelier tao+c for Shanghai Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Co., Ltd.

It’s an 232sqm house of wooden structure and mud walls in village Qinglongwu. The architect regenerated the old building to a capsule hostel that can accommodate 20 people with a community bookstore and library into the 7.2-meter high two-stories space. To convert it to be a mix-use space, the biggest challenge is to ensure the privacy of...

L&M Design Lab

It is extremely difficult for individuals or institutions to launch a kindergarten in China since the land policy. The owner and his wife are outstanding preschool educators. They hope to establish a real world-leading kindergarten in China. However, this old office building with poor sunlight is the only possible site for them. The original st...


When birds preen, they engage in deep bonding and grooming that conditions them for flight. This is what we do. Preen turned 15 this year. We mentor young architects work with passion and urgency because we believe in what the firm is accomplishing, creating spaces that up level energy for the world.
Our work has been consistently ...

Workspace Interiors Categories


Elkus Manfredi Architects

When Aetna needed a new workplace for its in-house marketing and communications team in Wellesley, Massachusetts, they envisioned a welcoming, rejuvenating space as amenity rich and culturally delightful as any office in downtown Boston. Newly merged with CVS, the health company wanted to inspire its creative team with a refreshing ...

CBA Axle

Woods Bagot

ESD: Norman Disney Young
Fire / Mechanical: Arup
Electrical / Comms: Norman Disney Young
AV: Innovatech
Specialist Lighting: Llight
Wayfinding / Signage: THERE
Interior Landscape: 360 Degrees
Structural: Arup Kitchen: Sangster Design Group
Certifier: Advance Building Approvals
Access: Morris Goding Access Consulting
Cost Planner: WT Partn...

vivo Headquarter in Dongguan

Cheng Chung Design Hong Kong

The core value of vivo is "fun, vitality, innovative technology", and its core value runs throughout the design. The architectural design intended to bring the latest office experience to the global enterprise of vivo, and provide employees with a comfortable office space. CCD put forward the design concept of "the ne...

CCD Shenzhen Office

Cheng Chung Design Hong Kong

CCD office is located in Shenzhen city China. Traditional red bricks and nonbearing walls are applied to the design. The whole space is divided by functional divisions, keeping the space separate yet open and spacious with a cozy sense. And light colored wood veneers and decorations used in the restaurant create relaxing and warm workplaces. Al...

Headspace SM Campus

Montalba Architects

Reflective of their core values – focused, mindful, and dedicated – while fitting in to the industrial vernacular of the building’s site, was a primary focus for the team. The challenge was to find unique ways to bring Headspace’s new office to life by seamlessly juxtaposing group and individual spaces. To honor ...

Aker BP_Onshore Collaboration Centre

Magu Design

Magu design have developed Aker BPs new Onshore Collaboration Center (OCC). The OCC is an area for collaboration between different teams within the business. Aker BP is an exploration and production company with activity in exploration, field development and production on the Norwegian continental shelf. Aker BPs vision includes digitising thei...

1700 Broadway Club

Fogarty Finger Architecture for Rockpoint Group

MEP Engineer Consultant – Goldman Copeland
Structural Engineer Consultant – GACE
Lighting Consultant – BOLD
IT/AV/Security Consultant – Cerami
Acoustical Consultant – Cerami
Food Service Equipment Consultant – Clevenger Frable LaValle
Signage Consultant – Steven Abel

Our team was tasked with design...



Shenzhen-based NTA Design created a model "working + living" space for an apartment development in Xi'an, China. Based on the approach of deconstruction, the designers broke the traditional spatial pattern, and created a modern space which perfectly integrates experiences and functionality.

Situated at Daming Palace Com...

Retail Design Categories

The Conran Shop, Seoul

Conran and Partners

Working closely with The Conran Shop’s in-house creative team, we have evolved the brand experience to create a high-impact lifestyle-led retail environment. Our design evokes the atmosphere and drama of a gallery space – rather than that of a conventional store – allowing products to be curated in impactful, eye-catching ...

Sky-City Experience Centre

MDO for Vanke Hangzhou

Photography by Zhu Hau.

The intention behind the project is to establish the sales center of the future, conceived as the new heart of the community. The Sky-city experience center proposes itself as a hub where residents of all ages can gather at any time, to discuss together about the future development of the area and enjoy common act...




TRONGYEE is a brand established in 1999, dedicated to selling womenswear of multiple brands. The upgraded store was planned to offer garments exclusively from designer brands, through which TRONGYEE hoped to reactivate its brand identity, and bring new vitality to the city's commercial field. The stor...

Harmay Beijing Flagship Store

AIM Architecture

Photographer Dirk Weiblen

Since 2016 we have been working with Harmay to create a thought-provoking antidote to their customary virtual visits. This is the third store we have realized with Harmay. After the Shanghai flagship, the Hong Kong Pharmacy, this store in Beijing has been the crown in the brands home base. It is completed Novemb...

La Maison Goutal

via architecture for AmorePacific

Lighting Consultants - Spectrum Design & Associates (Asia)

La Maison Goutal is the first Asia flagship store for French perfume house, GOUTAL. The retail space encapsulates the longstanding creativity of the brand with immersive elements in a new aesthetic language. The design was envisioned as a modern Parisian maison for its late found...



Photographer: Fei Gao

Marcelo, the architect of zespa explains: ‘The Sneakers phenomenon is a worldwide trend of creativity and quality. For Zespa, I didn't want to talk about shoes but feet. We must go beyond the simple universe of clothing, of wearing. This store had to be as strong as it was impactful. The idea was to ke...

Zoina Auspicious Omen Sales Center

Das Design for zoina land

Cui Duan, Fu Zhiheng, Qiu Limin, Chen Liwen

Continuing the tonality of the logs, combined with the Japanese design style to create a fully open interactive space, the hierarchical structure expands the space vision, softens the silence and unity under pure wood, and gives the space greater flexibility and tolerance. P...

WuliEpoch Culture Center

Atelier Alter Architects for sinooceangroup

Sited in the fifth ring of Beijing, near the scared Western Hills, WuliEpoch Culture Center is a hybrid between showroom and community center. The project attempts to create a triptych for architecture, landscape and interior design. While the project is encompassed by the splendor Western Hills, the design put up an immersive show ...

Tianshui Jialangyuan Sales Center

Das Design for Tianqi Group

Design team: Cui Duan, Liu Xu'an, Ye Shaoling, Zhang Yuan, Xiong Yanhong, Gao Wang, Fu Zhiheng, Qiu Limin, Chen Liwen, Gan Siting

Project information Project name: Tianqi Group · Tianshui Jialangyuan Sales Center Project location: Tianshui, Gansu, China Client: Tianqi Group (project principa...

Residential Design Categories

Qinglong Gucuiyinxiu Clubhouse

MDO for Vanke Hangzhou

Photography by Zhu Hai

Qinglong Gucuiyinxiu Clubhouse is the core of a new elegant residential development located in Hangzhou, China The project tries to establish a language of purity and quietness. The clubhouse is conceived as a social gathering place for the residents, aimed at creating an island of relaxation and escape from everyd...

Tomson Riviera


As the most expensive mansion in China today, it is located in the core of Lujiazui financial center. The design should not only retain its original luxury, but also give it a brand-new modern oriental life language to shape it into an international luxury mansion with oriental spiritual value.

The deliberately compressed vestibule is su...

Lakeville Luxe


LAKEVILLE LUXR is located in the center of Shanghai, which is full of high-rise buildings. In the high-density and fast-paced metropolitan center, the serenity of the residence has become a luxury, and a courtyard close to nature is particularly precious. The proper combination of nature and life in the project design creates a quiet an...



This is a three-floors house location in China Guangzhou Liwan old town, built around the 1930s. Designer Thomas Tse and the team, were commissioned by a post-85s generation newly married couple who bought this old house that want to transform as their wedding house. This project completed at Dec 2019, around 240㎡,interior design of...



The case was built on a hillside, high behind and low in front of the building. Surrounded by the mountains, the scattered facade combination of the original building is not completely integrated with the site. After recombing the appearance of the building, the vertical and horizontal boxes collocate with the ultimate transparent glass...

Leisure and Entertainment Categories

MixC IMAX Shenzhen Bay


The MixC IMAX Cinema brand by China Resources Land (CRL) is transforming the motion picture experience for audiences in China. The latest addition designed by Lead8 is the first luxury VIP cinema to be established in Shenzhen.

The design concept for the city-first venue took inspiration from the luxury hotel industry, bringing a distinctive&...

BIT Sports Center

Atelier Alter Architects for Beijing Institute of Technology

During modernization, education in China breaks away from the obsolete test-oriented mentality and embraces comprehensive learning gradually. Beijing Institute of Technology tries to find new learning models that integrate science and liberal art. In response, the design reiterates Da Vinci’s interdisciplinary dialogue on science,...

Fusion Fitness·q-plex Premium Club

PONE Architecture

Design team based on the concept of Brand DNA Evolution, interprets and gives insights into the intrinsic motivation of fitness enthusiasts, bringing about an avant-garde movement, inspiration, concept and development. The design intends to regenerate the individual-based combination reaction in the fitness experience chain, res...

Hospitality Categories


Various Associates

Project leader: Qianyi Lin
Designers: Dongzi Yang, Jingjing Tang

MORPH is a mixed-use space with a total construction area of 1,000 sqm. With an urban park and Houhai business circle nearby.”MORPH” means transformation and evolution in Chinese. The client hopes to build a vigorous and brand new social space, to introduce...

Le Régal Bistro


Xi'an, an ancient city, has a long history and culture. It is one of the four ancient capitals in the world, the starting point of the Silk Road, and the city retains a complete ancient city wall. This is Le Régal Bistro french dessert bar (Branch store),We have successful cooperation cases before. But this time, th...

The Heroic

Preen, Inc.

The Heroic is a small shop redefining what it is to create the hero sandwich. It is a multi-layered space: a lunchtime sandwich spot offering wine on the call and a secret urban garden, furthering the presentations of the chef and offering communal wine dinners.

The design occurs by imposition and mirroring, by the reach of one object...

HEY BIRD Specialty Coffee Space

HEY BIRD is located in CBD of Guangzhou, the 3rd largest city in China. It meets the challenge on offering good coffee in an area whose audience are high-standard. It is requested to be a social coffee space, while people can be immersed in elegant and artistic atmosphere. Specialty coffee is more about sharing the best of coffee, the t...


Preen, Inc.

Yapa is an immersive izakaya serving Nikkei fare in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. Helmed by bar maven and a Peruvian born chef, the name means that little bit extra. The project is a natural, earthy and playful enclave of urban refuge in downtown LA. It plays on a mid-century aspect, that is very of Los Angeles. It has the sparseness,...

Capsule hostel and Bookstore in Village Qinglongwu

Atelier tao+c for Shanghai Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Co., Ltd.

It’s an 232sqm house of wooden structure and mud walls in village Qinglongwu. The architect regenerated the old building to a capsule hostel that can accommodate 20 people with a community bookstore and library into the 7.2-meter high two-stories space. To convert it to be a mix-use space, the biggest challenge is to ensure the privacy of...

Four Seasons Hotel at Comcast Technology Center

Foster + Partners

The ground floor elevator lobby features exquisite displays by acclaimed floral designer Jeff Leatham. The glass express elevators rise up and out of the podium along the northern façade, revealing stunning views of the city, carrying guests and visitors up to the hotel reception on level 60. On arrival guests are greeted by the firs...

Naera Hotel and Spa

Horizontal Design for ZHIDI HOLDING

Interior Design:Ju Bin / Horizontal Design
Interior Design Team:Wei Jinjing, Sheng Lingxiang, Yang Yixi, Luo Fanyu, Ge Danni, Guo Dayu, Nie Hongming, Hu Kai, Liu Xiaolin, Li Junhua, Lin Jianxu, Quan Junrui, Zhang Luokai, Xie Gang, Wen Biyun, Mo Zhibing, Wu Hongzhan, Ye Sufei

Interiors Categories

Models in Model

Wutopia Lab

Project Architect: Wutian SUN
Design Team: Haixu ZHANG, Ben ZHANG

This project is the first museum for architectural model in China. The chief designer decided to make this museum a mega-model of future city and all included models become a part of the city merging their prophecies into one, which, in the perspective of the architec...

Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum

Atelier Alter Architects

The Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum sites at the office headquarter of a stone manufacture in Xiamen, a coastal city in Southern China. Over the years of stone mining, the manufacture has established a private archaeological team and discovered numerous fossils, from insect amber to dinosaur egg. The manufacture decides to dedica...



Coneceived as a cultural venue and visitor experience, the home of one of the worlds most famous single malt whiskies lies at the foot of the Scottish Highlands, at Craigellachie. Here, a new light-flooded distillery building by the architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners has been embedded in the landscape. Up to 15000 sqm are dedica...

The Schoolhouse

Rapt Studio for Google

Kyle Minor Design, a building design company, helped to bring our ideas to life, fabricating the custom shelves, an entry installation, and the curtain structure.

The Google School for Leaders, a unique initiative within Google, helps executives develop not just the skill sets but the mindsets needed to lead effective...

Academy Of Global Competency

The Rohrig Group & Tom Mark Henry

The Rohrig Group - Construction.
The Colour Club - Graphics & Wayfinding.
Civic Australia - Furniture.
Zenith - Furniture.

A multifaceted space for year 9 and 10 students of Knox Grammar School, located in Sydney's Upper North Shore. Designed and constructed by The Rohrig Group in collaboration with Tom Mark Henry with flexibility...

Dr. George Yee Laboratory of Anatomical Sciences

Stantec Architecture for University of Manitoba

The Department of Human Anatomy was established in 1883 at the University of Manitoba. As part of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, the Laboratory of Anatomical Sciences supports five disciplines (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Rehabilitation Sciences) by providing a facility for undergraduate and graduate studen...

Yunshan Art Museum

CROX for China Construction Real Estate (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

Simian Mountain located on the distinctive Danxia landforms, assisted by the surrounding vegetation, composes a special, though natural, heart-shaped waterfall. The flowing waterscape welcoming visitors with its dynamic mirroring surface with the new media and directing people to come into this new space. Sunlight penetrates the sla...

Shin Kong Place Departmental Store

Studio Illumine & Light IQ

Sybarite (interior design), Gentle Monster (art direction)

This unique and extravagant retail environment was intended to disrupt the way we experience luxury retail. Gentle Monster and Sybarite were engaged to design a futuristic utopia to showcase global luxury brands. The team from Light IQ & Studio Illumine were challenged to design ...

Times Garden


The design concept comes from the garden visit experience of the oriental garden. When visiting, it goes from outdoor to indoor, and from indoor to outdoor, forming a sensory switch. Sometimes the long corridor is deliberately narrowed and elongated, and sometimes the square pavilion is suddenly enlightened.

There is a water cour...

TongLu Conrad

Beijing PRO Lighting Design

In any way, the hotel, situated on the other side of the river, is the most standard resort hotel, with a verdant landscape on the other side.Seen from the top, the buildings standing in the distribution of 5 height difference of the mountain looks like a medieval town hidden among the trees.

And an idea of illumination desig...

Muh Shoou Xixi

Beijing PRO Lighting Design

Muh Shoou Xixi Resort Hotel covers an area of 7,000 square meters with a landscape area of 36,000 square meters. It is located in Xixi wetland of Hangzhou. Five adjacent buildings are reconstructed from the buildings left behind there.Lighting design was involved at the beginning of this project. The architecture and landscape were built re...

Glass Library

Licht. Associates

In order to fulfill the dual goals, a sales office and later as a library. The common key point is coziness: a place which one will lingers. The fixtures and furnishings are from the physical world, while mood and tone will dive deep to tickle our soul.

The magic spell for this connection is LIGHT. The external glass structure gives rise...

Healthcare and Wellbeing Categories

Gandel Wing, Cabrini Malvern

Bates Smart

The Gandel Wing combines state-of-the-art facilities with a nurturing and human centric environment. The new wing rises seven-storeys with three levels of basement carparking, a radiotherapy bunker, and 152 beds. The team were provided with information that the average age of patients was older than elsewhere in Australia. Therefore, a ...


IF (Integrated Field)

Interior architect: IF (Integrated Field Co.,Ltd.)
Other Collaborators
Architect: S:CSB Co.,Ltd
Landscape architect: S:CSB Co.,Ltd
Lighting designer: Nopporn Sakulwigitsinthu
Environmental graphic: IF (Integrated Field Co.,Ltd.)
Structural engineer: S:CSB Co.,Ltd
Electrical engineer: S:CSB Co.,Ltd
Sanitary engineer: ...


Marek Wojciechowski Architects

One Welbeck is a specialist facility for minimally-invasive day surgery and outpatient diagnostics in central London. This first phase delivers centres for digestive health, cardiology, imaging, diagnostics and orthopaedics across five floors with a phased completion between late 2019 and early 2020.

Designed to be calm, personab...

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