One Plus Partnership Limited

Film directors have used megaphones to communicate with their cast and crew on sets where it was hard to hear. The megaphone became an iconic clichéd symbol of a movie director. The designers were inspired by these cone-shaped object and have thus developed various functional objects that are placed within the interior to echo with the ‘megaphone’ theme, e.g. seatings at the arrival lobby, light features in the auditorium and washbasins in the washroom. Due to the low budget of this project, the designers thought of using grey paint for the walls and ceiling to achieve this huge artistic effect as if the whole structure is made of stones. Even the choice of colour has a substantial meaning behind. Other than the grayish colour, an eye-catching orange colour is chosen to decorate the space. The designers got the inspiration from the Orange Isle in Xiang River in Changsha. When guests enter the arrival hall, they would immediately be drawn to the striking orange cone-shaped seatings.