Jianghe Clubhouse


The project was inspired by the Confluence – the site is a place of confluence, where 2 rivers meet. We conceive the space with this idea in mind: a place of connection where visitors gather and discover the new development. Hangzhou Sanbao, as the southernmost end of the Grand Canal, carries and records the historical changes of the canal. The red symbolizes the continuous blooming of vitality. We hope to combine the rock-cutting technique to express the development process of the canal. This proposition is also the main mood and tone of this space design. The whole plan is developed enforcing strong perspective axes with final focus points, this symmetrical disposition of elements gives a silent sense of monumentality to the whole space The entrance represents the area of confluence of the three internal volumes. We celebrate this relationship with a sculpture placed in the center of the space. It reminds us of an artifact of the river, an object too heavy to move, left over from the great forces that forged the river course. The top shape in the space is inspired by the boat on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, which is the bottom structure of the boat upside down. The red silk is rhythmically displaced around the whole project, appearing when carving the walls, like slits, symbolizing the inner enthusiasm and vitality of the local area.