Waldorf Astoria Kuwait


Client: Contractor: Ahmadiah Cont & Trading Co.K.C.S.C

LW was tasked to create an upscale luxury five-star hotel in the prestigious Avenues Mall in Kuwait. The mall is a premium quality experience with over 1,000 stores, an amusement park, state-of-the-art cinema, cafes, fine dining and luxury shopping for those who enjoy the finer things in life. The hotel has the flexibility to cater for business travellers, tourists and large family groups. 

LW Design took inspiration from the fascinating ancient Failaka Island close to the city and home to the legend of Icarus. Icarus represents the human yearning for escapism and the need to avoid monotony. The hotel's interiors reflect this extraordinary history and the more traditional elements of Middle Eastern history in the typically unique Waldorf Astoria way. 

Glimpses through the floors add depth and intrigue from the lobby and across the guestroom floors. The impressive sculptural staircase and the decorative screens in the atrium link the spaces and activate the public areas with the guestroom corridors. The signature Waldorf Astoria feature clock grounds the lobby.

Astronomy was once a tool used for navigation as well as religious purposes. Even today, the pole star is the most accurate way to determine the direction of Mecca and for keeping accurate prayer times. The bespoke clock takes inspiration from the importance of the solar system in the Islamic world. Arab nomads studied the sky in detail and calculated the stars' positions as they navigated the desert. 

LW used an elegant approach with contrasting materials to add glamour and luxe to the spaces. Inviting grouped seating and nooks soften the hard finishes and add life to the public areas. The artwork creates drama and a talking point whilst leading you through the spaces. Connectivity throughout the hotel is crucial to create an element of discovery as you journey through the spaces.