Lichen Ding

Founder & Chief Designer , DLCA Architects

Lichen Ding is the founder and chief designer of DLCA Architects, with 20 years of experience spanning multiple disciplines and industries. focusing on social issues and contemporary culture, the project types include architecture and renovation, interior space, exhibition, art installation design and other aspects.As a participant in the contemporary rapidly changing urban environment, his take the initiative to intervene in the design to realise the organic connection between nature, city, history and humanity, so as to achieve the balance between artistic quality and architectural functionality, improve the attributes of the original environment and create beneficial value.He has been a judge of many design competitions, and awarded '40 Under 40' by Perspective Magazine. He is also a member of the International Consortium of Designers (IAD) and a Senior Partner of the World Design Consortium (WDC), and his works have been selected for joint exhibitions and publications around the world.